The right of self determination

One way or another, that right has always been at the heart of international politics. Nowadays we appreciate more than ever its vital importance. The more marginalised it is, the more difficult it becomes to achieve peace and democracy, welfare and progress of humanity.

We should bear in mind, above all, that all peoples have a right to their full freedom, for its own sake and without any conditions, and to construct, elect or renew their own states without any kind of hindrance.

The most important world organisations recognise, with increasing force, that the right of self-determination is a fundamental right of men and prior condition to all other rights. This is not just any law but a fundamental one that cannot be set aside. The United Nations have recognised this as such. All its organs have repeatedly reinforced this law and principle over the last fifty years. Moreover, many regional formations, governments and NGOs have asserted themselves in the same line.

In order to protect all peoples and states from attacks against fundamental human rights, world-wide institutions have to be established. We have heard the same old song for too long. In any case, given that their presence is lacking, peoples and States can always resort to their own legitimate defence, a right that also has always been affirmed in international law.

Those who oppress peoples and states are not agents of honourable political enterprises. They are simply delinquents. Not political but just common delinquents, and not of any particular level but the authors of the greatest crimes. If we take international law as a reference, these terrible offences can be classified in three groups: those committed against the laws of war, against peace, and against humanity. They cannot be forgotten or forgiven, if we really are aiming to finish with them.

If we take a look at the world today, there are no reasons for rejoicing. A large number of peoples have gained their freedom over the last fifty years. But we have observed - and continue to do so - how each new wave is followed by an increasingly strong undertow. The imperialist powers work hard at keeping peoples in chains, even eliminating them if possible. All means are useful to them, starting with the most repugnant forms of violence. They have no difficulty in finding the lackeys and fellow travellers they need. Unfortunately, among these we quite often find recently liberated peoples and even those who are still waiting for their freedom.

Within the United Nations, the so-called "soft law" is more often than not ignored. This is not surprising when you realise that the "hard-law" is not applied either, saving exceptions... The same principle of self-determination of all peoples, so often affirmed and confirmed, has been denied, pruned, limited and falsified time and time again by the enemies of freedom. We should say that the response has usually been weak and confused, because the claws of totalitarism are long and hard when it comes to silencing the voice of liberty.

A close study of international law reveals that the way terms are couched has changed enormously in recent years. The UN Resolutions themselves are incomprehensible through the names and concepts most frequently used in the past. From an ideological point of view, considerable attention needs to be paid in this field, because the enemies of the peoples take full and unbridled advantage of the resulting confusion to conceal international laws and principles, always to the detriment of freedom and democracy.

The situation is even worse in regional and state organisations. This also occurs in Western Europe, a new bunker built around a new Axis to attack and block the freedom of the peoples. In this sense, one could say that Western Europe is on the fringe of the world, because the enormous movement that has turned the world upside down does not seem to have affected it at all. Imperialism maintains its domination in this way, trying to hide itself behind the continuous invocation of human rights. The fascists of today and forever thus have there all the power they need.

The same thing therefore occurs in the territories where the basque nation has always been deeply rooted in. The Kingdom of Nabarra was established twelve centuries ago, bringing together all surrounding basque people. This State remains ours, because we have never accepted or recognised any other. Nowadays, and bearing in mind the laws and behaviour of nations we understand better than ever the need to maintain and renew both our People and our State.

Over the centuries and part to part, the neighbouring States have occupied and colonised these lands, scorning the rights of the basque People and State, and have sought to wipe out our identity and national life. Long since, terrorism and fascism crush down this pacific nation. The abhorrent crimes committed in the process have not been paid for so far. Our memory and conscience are clear and alive because we have suffered, in our towns and families, in our streets and mountains. The authors of these crimes would like to sweep them under the carpet as if they had never occurred so they could continue their own sweet way. The so established system presents itself through official propaganda as "democratic, legal and peaceful". Farce that will not weaken our struggle for liberty, nor will our scorn and hate for its eternal enemies.

It is clear that there will be no peace or freedom in the world if its peoples and states do not set up an efficient ideological and political strategy. We have no excuse to feel satisfied with ourselves in this Basque country, far from it, if we want to stop criminal imperialistic forces. Despite having the ideas and the popular strength needed to present an adapted and efficient response in Western Europe, having in addition the example of other nations, we have shown ourselves, for the last forty years, to be incapable to lay the foundations for efficient political life. On account of stupidity, illusionism, lack of democracy, always supported by the imperialistic forces. Therefore, we should not hide the fact that if we carry on in this direction we are doomed. If we cannot get out of our difficult situation on our own, nobody else is going to do it for us.